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Junk genius is your source for TV removal and recycling.

One of the greatest advances in technology are by far flat screen TV’s, now available to us in every size imaginable. Long gone are the days of the huge, clunky and not to mention, extremely heavy television sets.The only downside to these modern day TV’s is that once you’ve purchased one for your home, what do you do with your old set?

By now, most if not all of us, are aware that old television sets contain some pretty harsh toxic materials that are extremely damaging to the environment if not disposed of properly. TV’s have batteries, circuit boards and display tubes which contain hazardous materials, such as mercury and lead. It is of utmost importance that if we’re not going to reuse or donate a television set, that we see to it that they are recycled in the most effective environmentally friendly way possible.

So, when you have an old television set that you are ready to get rid of, just remember to give Junk Genius a call and our friendly, licensed professionals will be more than happy to remove it for you.


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