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Property Preservation and Trash Outs by Junk Genius

Junk genius is your source for property preservation and trash outs.

Junk Genius is a full service property preservation company since 2008.

Junk Genius exists to meet the specific needs of banks and outsourcers who need experienced and conscientious professionals to take care of their preservation needs. Junk Genius has the experience, track record, tools, knowledge, financial wherewithal and expertise to help your company more effectively manage and dispose of bank assets with the least amount of risk and maximum amount of quality and efficiency.

Our services typically include changing entry lock or keyway, locking all windows and doors, winterizing to the applicable specification and maintaining the grounds, when in season. We will change the locks at the property to the key code according to the order from the bank, secure all windows, pad lock garage, as well as secure entrance to pool and or spa with pad lock. We will board up any broken windows or insecure area on the property, remove interior, exterior or hazardous debris at the property as authorized by client request or the regulatory specifications for the bank.

Our crews are trained to take before and after photos of each room. We will vacuum all carpeted areas, clean all floors throughout the property. Clean all bathroom and fixtures, replace missing/inoperable light bulbs and install smoke detectors where required. We also clean baseboards, windowsills and ceiling fans, fire places and remove ashes.

When you need a property preservation full service specialist, give Junk Genius a call and we’ll get it handled for you.


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