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Shed Removal and Recycling by Junk Genius

Junk genius is your source for shed removal and recycling.

It seems that at least every person knows someone, if not themselves, that has a worn out old shed that just kind of stands there, taking up unsightly space in their yard. For the most part, sheds usually tend to be placed around the side or behind a house so at least they can be somewhat hidden from view.

But, why keep an old shed hanging around taking up space, when you can have it removed painlessly and stress free? That’s our job here at Junk Genius. Our licensed professionals will come to your home, assess the size and location of your old shed, and we will happily remove it for you.

So, whether you are planning on upgrading your old shed, or you simply want it removed from your home, let us take care of it for you. We’ll handle breaking it apart and removing it so that you can get on with your life minus the hassle and headache of doing it yourself.

Also, we’ll see to it that any and all components of your old shed are appropriately recycled and disposed of.


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