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When it comes time to replace old carpet, just the thought of removing it from your home can seem daunting and exhausting. Carpet is heavy and bulky, and just ripping it up from the floor can prove to be a time consuming task, not to mention tedious. But once you’ve successfully removed the carpet, now what do you do with it? This is where we come in. Let our professional staff at Junk Genius come and remove your carpet for you. Not only will we get the job done safely and efficiently, we will maintain our environmentally safe procedures when it comes to recycling your old carpet.

Every year, approximately 5 billion pounds of discarded carpet ends up in landfills. Standard carpets are woven from petroleum-based synthetic fibers. Nylon and polypropylene plastics, which are made from petrochemical polymers, are the two most common components in carpeting. The backing consists of latex and PVC, which are two additional petro plastics. Additionally, the mixture of chemicals in certain dyes and glues have been known to emit harmful organic compounds that have potentially negative health effects.

It is imperative that carpet is removed and disposed of adequately so as not to create more hazards for people, as well as the environment. So, when you have old carpet that you’re ready to get rid of, remember to give Junk Genius a call and we will gladly remove it for you.


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