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Dumpster and Roll Offs Alternatives for Efficient Removal in Minneapolis

Alternative Dumpster Solutions

So, what exactly are roll off (dumpsters)? Well, they are open top containers that are commonly used for a variety of jobs such as general cleanup operations, remodeling jobs, construction waste, and demolition jobs. These containers are also kept permanently in locations that gather waste that is not permitted in a solid waste dumpster.

They are called roll off dumpsters or “roll offs” because when delivered, they “roll off” the back of the truck and onto the driveway, parking lot, street, or alleyway. Roll offs are also referred to as dumpsters, trash dumpsters, construction dumpsters, containers, open top dumpsters, and big box containers.

So, if you’re doing a large project, such as a home renovation, give us a call and we will handle all of the waste and debris you wish to be removed, for you. At Junk Genius, we pride ourselves on delivering fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly services for any and all debris removal needs. Our professional staff is fully licensed and insured so you can have peace of mind knowing that your debris removal is being handled in the best way possible, no matter how big the job is.


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