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Crawl Space Junk Hauling

Crawl Space Removal in Minneapolis

Whether it’s time for spring cleaning, or you have decided to clear out some clutter from your home, it can be quite a task removing this clutter from your crawl space. Junk Genius is fully insured to come onto your property to remove all of those unwanted items out of your crawl space.

On average, the number one thing we remove from crawl spaces would have to be old Christmas trees. Home owners love to hold on to that old one for some reason when they get that new tree. One job we removed 5 Christmas trees out of one home. Crawling around in that hot dusty crawl space is not an easy job so leave it up the Geniuses to do all the heavy lifting while you get to sit back and relax. Cleaning out crawl spaces can free up a lot of room for you so you can get organized once again and utilize that space for other important things.

As always, if the items can be donated or recycled we will do so and if not, we will dispose of the unwanted items out of your crawl space responsibly.


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